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First Lateral ADR

First Lateral ADR

First lateral ADR in Europe. Approach designed to minimize surgical risks.

For the first time in Europe, Doctors Oliver and Ayats have implanted a lumbar artificial disc made of polymer, using a new surgical technique that avoids the complications of this type of surgery, so far performed through the abdomen.

“The advantage of this new surgical technique, known as lateral approach, implies essentially the absence of vascular injury risk of the aorta and inferior vena cava that entails the anterior approach, the absence also of risk of injury to the abdominal viscera, and the greater stability of the prosthesis. This means less postoperative pain for the patient, a safe recovery, and a quicker return to daily life” stresses Dr. Ayats.

Moreover, “the artificial disc we have implanted is made of PEEK (polyether ether ketone), a type of biocompatible polymer that has the advantage to allow proper monitoring of the disease using MRI, and in addition this material ​​does not cause misguided digital imaging, contrary to what happens with the rest of prostheses that are in the market”, says Dr. Oliver.

Both neurosurgeons working in Barcelona ​​explain that “so far the results have been very satisfactory, with full recovery of the patient, no complications, and a stay of only two days in hospital.”

The placed prosthesis, “Inorbit” by Globus Medical, and marketed in Spain by IQGroup, has FDA and CE certifications.

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