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Have some Questions?

(1) Filling out our contact form or call us.

(2) Receiving a preliminary general answer to your request.

(3) Filling our pre-admission form through our secure intraweb.

(4) Receiving the complete report with a personalized quotation.

(5) Establishing contact with Dr. Oliver by phone call or video conference.

(6) Accepting the proposed treatment and schedule of surgery, and additional arrangements: flights, hotel, ground transportation …

(7) Paying the initial 65% of the agreed quote.

(8) Reception in Barcelona and remaining 35% payment.

(9) Surgical procedure.

(10) Follow-up.

A summary of your symptomatology, past medical history and medical examination explained by yourself or complemented by a medical report. 

The surgical procedure you are interested in. 

Your most recent MRI examination and X-ray exam of the region of concern. (Please use our contact form to ease this process).

You will receive an e-mail with the answers to your questions, including a complete report of the proposed surgery and a preliminary quote (a personal phone call with Dr. Oliver can also be organized at a later stage). The answer will reach you within the next 24 hours of the reception of your e-mail.

The booking process usually takes a couple of weeks, and can be organized as soon as every medical issue has been completely addressed, an approximate date chosen by you, and a definitive quote agreed on, including the terms previously discussed with our administration department: travel arrangements, insurance, further travel before/after treatment, etc.

The surgical fees and hospital expenses at our center are within the range of the less expensive European countries and considerably lower than in the USA, but with quality standards as high as in any hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). The report sent to you after filling the Pre-Admission form will have an exact personalized quotation. For an initial preliminary quote you can use our contact form. To have a confirmed date for your surgery and a complete schedule of your whole trip, the reception of 65% of the personalized quotation is required. Details of payment will be included in our quote. The remaining 35% should be paid at your arrival to our facilities in Barcelona.

Yes we can. For example airport pick-up and hotel booking at our hospital campus can be done directly by our secretary or case manager, who will be appointed to you once all the procedure arrangements are made. A more complete package can also be offered through a Medical Tourism Facilitator of our confidence.

These are questions related to each different patient and procedure, but in a general sense we recommend arriving in Barcelona a couple of days in advance to the scheduled surgery to allow enough time to review the medical records once again, and have an appointment with your surgeon for a complete medical examination, as well as getting some rest after your trip and have a first contact with the city of Barcelona. The hospital admission period will vary from 1 to 4 days and an additional stay of 6 to 10 days before transoceanic travel is recommended.

From the medical point of view you will have to decide whether to perform the preoperative tests in your country or at our hospital. These issues will be addressed beforehand with our secretary. You should remember to bring the MRIs, CT scans and X-rays that we decided in the preadmission process, your usual prescribed medication as well as any personal items you will need.

Every room has a spare bed for your convenience. You can order a suite room that includes a living room. For more details please ask our secretary and look at “FACILITIES” on our website.

All our doctors are fluent in English. In addition, our hospital has an International Department that assists foreign patients by facilitating English speaking nurses and other personnel, to make communication easy throughout the stay at our facilities.