About Us

Who We Are

Barcelona Neuroinstitute is a leading neurosurgical center based since 1994 at Centro Médico Teknon (Teknon Medical Center) in Barcelona, one of the most prestigious and modern private hospitals in Europe, and accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the EFQM Excellence Model.

Our mission is to consistently provide the best neurosurgical treatment for patients suffering from neurological and spine diseases, with excellence in technical performance and refinement in personal care.

Our goal has always been the achievement of excellence through the innovation in:

– New medical knowledge that makes understanding of diseases easier.
– Advanced medical equipment.
– Innovative surgical techniques with emphasis on less aggressive operations.

– Passionate work and dedication
– Continuous innovation and improvement
– Compassionate attention
– Close and trustful relationships with our patients
– The interests of our patients is our priority.

We search for the best solution to our patient’s problems, giving priority to safety to decrease the risk of complications. Not only during the active phase of the surgical procedure but also from the initial contact to the follow-up period.
We provide top quality neurosurgical care through our team of highly qualified neurosurgeons under the direction of Dr. Bartolomé Oliver, whose combined experience extends to more than 30,000 major neurosurgical procedures.
Additionally, we have access to a wide spectrum of different specialists in other fields that makes possible the performance of innovative neurosurgical procedures at the highest safety level, which we tailor and personalize to our patients’ specific needs. These include:

-Intraoperative neurophysiologists to monitor and preserve nervous system function.

-ENT specialized in endonasal endoscopy (minimally invasive skull base center) for the treatment of many brain tumors through the nose.

-Intraoperative higher brain function localization (such as speech), with the assistance of the neuropsychology team.

-A dedicated neuroanesthesiology group of experts in awake craniotomy.

-ICU Consultants who are experts in pediatric and adult neurointensive care.

-Supportive collaboration of Neurology, Neuroradiology and Radio-oncology services.

-Radiosurgery (Novalis) and interventional endovascular facilities.

-Stem cells regenerative therapy.

This has led us to the achievement of an excellent international reputation in three core Neurosurgical areas:

(1) Complex Spine Surgery
(2) Epilepsy Surgery (Pediatric and Adults)
(3) Pituitary Adenoma and Skull Base Tumors

Furthermore, proximity to our patients is promoted and maintained throughout the entire treatment. From information, decision making and hospital admission to the postoperative period.
We work on building a close relationship with our patients based on mutual trust, empathy, easy access and good feedback.

We understand how stressful a medical condition and its surgical treatment is for a patient and his or her family. Therefore we are keen to answer any questions or clarify any concerns that may arise throughout the process.