Why Barcelona

Medical Tourism

With the emerging of medical tourism around the globe, many countries started receiving international patients seeking better solutions at a better rate to solve their health problems. It is a fact that many countries and cities have become famous for some specific specializations such as Switzerland for stem cells and South Korea for cosmetic surgery.

The reason for that is the natural trend of focusing and investing resources to become better at what they are already good at, thus creating more demand to a singular treatment in a specific city.

Barcelona initially, quite a few years back, was known to be well advanced in eye surgery and currently is becoming more and more known for assisting patients with neuro & spine problems in both adults and children.

With the construction of hospitals with ultra-modern equipment & technologies, associated to some of the best hospitals known in Europe, and managed by some of the most renowned surgeons in Spain and Europe makes Barcelona one of the top destinations for medical tourism in the Neuro & Spine field (Spine Center Barcelona).

As a fact, Barcelona receives more thanĀ 10,000 international patients a year.

Many patients are able to combine a surgery trip with some sort of vacation time, helping to diminish the anxiety and stress related to having to undergo an operation. It is proven that stressed-free patients have better probabilities of full recovery that those that are totally absorbed in having to face an intervention.

Moreover, Barcelona is one of the main tourist destinations for visitors around the world as it offers in a single place, a pleasant weather, the Mediterranean beach, delicious local gastronomy surrounded by a magnificent cultural heritage and is also an extremely safe city.

It offers the perfect environment for any person arriving for a surgery to be able to disconnect, relax and enjoy the moment and distract from the main reason why they are in Barcelona.

With the medical expertise offered by Barcelona Neuroinsitute, you with be good hands as we know each doctor and their capabilities of being able to solve your problem, hosting you in some of the best hospitals in Barcelona.